Soltan Suncare Advisor gives some tips on protecting Irish skin – all year round.

UV rays can penetrate clouds all year round, even in dull Irish weather

by Rose Barrett
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As summer school holidays are approaching, should we be picking up some factor for sunnier shores? Or should we be wearing sun protection all year round?

Clare O’Connor, Boots Soltan Suncare Scientific Adviser answers some questions regarding Irish skin and protection thereof from sun damage.

What is best UVA protection for Irish skin for both adults and children?
“Soltan’s 5* UVA protection across the entire range provides the maximum amount of UVA protection. Not all brands in the market will offer this across all formats.” said Clare.

“In Terms of SPF, we recommend adults wear a minimum of SPF 30+ no matter what their skin tone, and children should wear a minimum of SPF50.”

When should we start using sun protection? i.e., is it something we should apply all year round and not just during a sunny vacation?
“Correct! Sun protection should be worn all year round and not just when the sun is out. UV rays can still penetrate though Clouds and UVA rays can even penetrate window glass which is why it`s important in protect our skin at any time in the year.”

Do sun creams age or damage skin?
“No, quite the opposite. Wearing SPF and sun protection helps prevent long and short term skin damage and skin aging. 80% of premature skin ageing is caused by UV exposure. Wearing sun protection with a high factor and a five star UVA rating is the single most effective defence our skin has against  short and long term damage and premature skin ageing.”

Do Soltan have a hand cream sized SPF to carry in hand luggage through the airport onto plane?

“Yes we do have a range of miniature suncreams, and sun mists which are travel and hand luggage friendly products.

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