Social Democrats hold public meeting

by Rachel Cunningham
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The Social Democrats held a public meeting, A Vision for Kimmage, on Tuesday March 19 at the Four Provinces Pub, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Hosted by Councillor Tara Deacy and new candidate for the area, Eoin Hayes, the event focused on discussing ideas and plans for Kimmage and the local area over the next council term.

“This event was about what we’ve always done in this area: working with local residents and community groups to make it better,” said Councillor Deacy.

Councillor Deacy is not running a second time for the council at the coming local election in June, and it’s hoped Hayes will keep her seat.

“I’m a first-time candidate, and I think it’s really important that those that seek to represent a community create the space to hear from that community, and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Hayes said.

“The things that have come up a lot from speaking with residents in the area have been traffic congestion, car parking around schools and pitches, street and footpath resurfacing, and street cleaning.

“I’d like to dive into the 1.3bn euro budget for Dublin City Council and see how we can put that money to good use in alleviating some of these issues in Kimmage.”

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