Shock as rat bites girl at front door

by Emma Nolan
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A YOUNG girl is said to be “traumatised” after being bitten by a rat while standing on her balcony at Talbot Courts flats last week.
A local woman, Edel, spoke to 98FM’s Dublin Talks about the incident last Thursday that saw her 14-year-old daughter being attacked by the rodent as she stood outside her front door.
While she was walking home, Edel called her daughter to put the kettle on.
“She came out on the balcony to see how far I was and she was just standing there dancing, like she normally does outside the hall door, and she felt something on her foot. She looked down and she saw then it was a rat; she lifted her foot and that’s when it bit her.”
Edel said that the rat “locked down” when her daughter tried to kick it off her foot.
“She ended up kicking it against the wall and ended up killing it. I don’t even know how she managed to do it, she must have been in that much shock. She just screamed down the whole balcony then, there was neighbours and all out.
“These rats are so brazen – they just run across the balcony in broad daylight and now they’re attacking kids,” said Edel.
“That wasn’t even the biggest rat – there are bigger ones that you could nearly put collars and leads on.”
The rat problems started in the flat about four years ago, according to Edel. “It was just the one or two we’d see, only at night time, but now they’re starting to come out during the day.
“I think that they’ve multiplied and had babies. When you come up the stairs they’re sitting along the balcony waiting and they don’t move, even if you go to give them a fright, they’re not moving – that’s how brazen they’re getting.”
Edel said that Dublin City Council sent out pest control personnel. “I have said it to DCC and they’re coming to put barbed wire in to stop them.”
Edel is also calling on the council to thoroughly investigate where the rats are coming from instead of just “putting down poison”.

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