Residents are livid as dirty nappies pile up in laneway

by Rebecca Ryan
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Shankill residents are livid as rubbish is constantly being dumped in the laneways in estates, with locals fearing rat infestation if the problem persists.

The latest incident happened last weekend where a large amount of soiled nappies were reported in the laneway between Rathsallagh Drive and Avenue.

Local resident Pamela Donohoe O’Brien (47) told Dublin Gazette the problem has been happening for about a year and says it is “totally disgusting”.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. I walk through that laneway to go to my mam and dad’s house.

“Years ago, those laneways were always open, but the council locked off the laneway to stop anti-social behaviour.

“It might’ve stopped anti-social behaviour, but it has caused it to become a dumping ground. People dump mattresses and beds.

“It’s not the only place [that’s being littered].I was driving out of my house today and saw one single nappy on the road.

“Nobody knows for definite who is doing it. They just don’t want to pay bin charges because the weight of the nappies weighs it down. They should go back to cloth nappies.”

Pamela said the problem is ongoing and has been highlighted with the council in the past.

“[The lane] got cleared out last year. There was a lull with nothing happening for a little while but then it just started up again.

“There’s never a problem with the litter warden coming to clear it once they’ve been notified, but it’s just not stopping.”

Pamela, along with some other residents, would like to see CCTV cameras in the area to deter the litter louts.

She also praised local man, John Daly, who goes around the estate every day collecting “bags and bags of rubbish”.

Local Councillor Hugh Lewis (PBP) said he would like to see the council cleaning the area on a regular basis. “The issue needs to be addressed by litter enforcement and by the council cleansing the laneways on a regular basis.

“Often it is the lanes that have existing rubbish that are more prone to consistent dumping.”

He added: “The arrangement made between residents and the council when lanes are closed is that it is the sole responsibility of the surrounding homes to keep the laneways tidy, this needs to be addressed immediately as often tenants understandably do not have the resources to cleanse closed laneways themselves.”

A spokesperson from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council told Dublin Gazette:

“The council’s Litter Warden will carry out an inspection of the laneways and will monitor them on a regular basis.

“Any requirement for cleaning will be reported to the cleansing section for their attention.”

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