SF to bring Ballyogan speed ramp call to Dail

by Gazette Reporter
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A LOCAL Sinn Fein area representative who brought a petition to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, which was signed by 300 people calling for speed ramps in Ballyogan estate, has vowed to take it to Dail Eireann.
Council officials said that no funding will be made available for traffic-calming measures in the area in the coming years.
Sinn Fein representative Chris Curran said he was extremely disappointed with the response from the council who, he said, told him they would not deal with him as he is not an elected representative.
Curran said: “Regardless of my status, there is no denying the fact that there is an overwhelming demand for speed ramps in Ballyogan estate and the council should act immediately.
“Given that the council has refused to deal with me, I will now turn to my colleagues in Leinster House to raise this issue.”
In response, a council spokesperson said: “The council makes every effort to deal with representations made on behalf of the public by elected public representatives.
“Individuals proposing to run in the upcoming local elections have not yet received this mandate from the public and, therefore, are not afforded the same status as our existing elected public representatives.”
Cllr Neale Richmond (FG) said: “It is my understanding that traffic-calming is assessed on a road-by-road basis and that certain roads in Ballyogan estate are already listed for traffic-calming work, based on the council’s traffic-calming scheme previously adopted.”
A council spokesperson said: “Ballyogan estate was not requested for examination as part of the report [Prioritisation of Traffic Calming Schemes 2008]. It is unlikely that any dedicated funding will be made available from funding authorities in the coming years specifically for new traffic-calming [measures].”

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