Building Self Esteem with Andrea Weldon

by Gazette Reporter
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Working in the area of eating disorders and body image for the last eight years, Andrea Weldon will host a workshop, ‘Building Self Esteem’ in January next.

“I have been working away in the background on this workshop for a while and delighted to finally have a date for it,” wrote Andrea online. “So many people find this area challenging so I really want to shine a light on it… and to help people realise that low self-esteem is not just something they are stuck with, it is not just a personality type and it absolutely can be resolved with work and time,” she wrote.

This workshop will help people gain greater awareness of their own self-esteem; learn how beliefs influence self-esteem and how to challenge unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and behaviours associated with low self-esteem; gain tools to reason and think in a new helpful way; gain understanding of basic physical needs and to learn practical skills to challenge critical thinking and choose more helpful behaviours.

Places are limited; email [email protected] to book your place or DM Andrea Weldon on FB. Cost is €35; the online workshop will be hosted on Wednesday (Jan 12) from 7-8.30pm.

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