Seabin Marine Plastics work at Howth Harbour

by Gazette Reporter
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Well done to all involved in the Seabin Marine Plastics Work in Howth. The project is supported by Mott MacDonald & Panda Recycling Ireland Ltd.

Mott MacDonald staff have now been back over the summer gathering data on the type of plastics which are continually washed up at Howth Harbour and Irish coastal waters. There is still a large contingent of SUPs, and an increase in PPE and COVID related plastics.

“We are also noting the continued mix of fucoid seaweeds and plastics and rope and you have to wonder what this constant exposure to plastics is doing to seaweed biodiversity as well as the animals and species that depend on it for food, habitat and protection,” writes Rowan Byrne on the official Howth Harbour Seabin page.

Data continues to be gathered, to be published next year. “In the meantime, look at the continued array of plastics flowing into our oceans each day. Thank you to our amazing team in Dublin who lead this work.”


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