Calls for plan for Rathcoole area amid ‘chaotic’ urban sprawl fears

by Gazette Reporter
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A South Dublin Cllr has demanded a local area plan for Rathcoole amid fears of chaotic urban sprawl as a result of “piece-meal” planning.

Cllr Shirley O’Hara has formally requested a plan for the area – pushing it to a vote despite South Dublin County Council stating that this was not necessary.

There are multiple planning applications and permissions in Rathcoole ranging from Stoney Lane up to Broadfield, including a large-scale housing proposal by SDCC.

Cllr O’Hara said: “In my view, the way Rathcoole is being developed is not sustainable and it’s not good planning. No-one is looking at all the planning applications in Rathcoole holistically.

“A local area plan is something residents have been asking for quite some time and I agree that it’s the best way to plan for the future of Rathcoole.”

She continued: “Newcastle has an area plan and so does Fortunestown in Citywest, but Rathcoole, which is also a developing village, does not.

“I know we’re getting ready to do the next Development Plan and I know that zoning for Rathcoole will be included in that, but I don’t think that’s good enough to have to rely on the County Development Plan to decide how this village grows.”

SDCC said the County Development Plan is an appropriate “policy context” for Rathcoole.

Cllr O’Hara said: “There’s a lot of anger in Rathcoole about how the village has been developed. Creating a local area plan would at least give locals the opportunity to help shape a vision… and provide better transparency around the strategy for building of homes in the area.”

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