Emergency services needed after scrambler accident in Balseskin

by Padraig Conlon
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Emergency services were called following an accident in north Dublin yesterday after a man came off a scrambler near waste ground.

Fire crews from Finglas and Phibsborough rushed to the scene after they received reports of the accident at Balseskin.

Dublin Fire Brigade said the motorcyclist had been operating what was described as a scrambler when he was thrown from the bike in the crash.

Members of the fire department and advanced paramedics were involved in the rescue operation and the man was initially treated at the scene before being placed on a SKED.

Taking to their Twitter account Dublin Fire Brigade explained why the man needed to be carried over rough ground before they could reach the awaiting ambulance.

‘Crews from Finglas and Phibsborough, including a Firefighter/Advanced-Paramedic, treated a motorcycle user for injuries after they came off their scrambler on waste ground near Balseskin earlier.

‘A SKED was used to take the patient over rough ground to the waiting ambulance.’

This latest incident comes as there are repeated calls from Dublin residents for gardai and the Government to put a stop to the use of scramblers on main roads and in public areas, with many saying they fear going outside due to the reckless behaviour of some drivers.

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