Celebrate the new season of Stranger Things at Dundrum next Wednesday

by Dublin Gazette
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Do you love ice cream? How about Stranger Things? What about a wonderfully unique combination of the two?

Netflix has recreated the show’s ice cream parlour, Scoops Ahoy, as an Upside Down 1985-themed ice cream van that will be visiting Dundrum next week.

The van, which will offer up free 1980’s themed ice cream, will visit Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin on Wednesday, July 17 from 4.30pm to 7pm.

The upside-down Scoops Ahoy ice cream van, complete with eerie Stranger Things melodic chimes inspired by the soundtrack, features two sides – a 1980s ice-cream parlour in pastel pinks, blues and whites, and a dark side straight out of the famous Stranger Things ‘upside-down’ world.

The van will served themed ice cream flavours including gloriously retro Coke Float, Cherries Jubilee, Banana Boat and July 4th.

If you’re a Stranger Things fan, this definitely isn’t one to miss if you want your own taste of the town of Hawkins, Indiana without leaving the capital!

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