Scientology Links to Drug Leaflets in Focus

by Dublin Gazette
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Scientology HQ building, California

Concerns have been raised over Scientology‘s links to groups promoting anti-drug awareness in the north inner city.

The groups have been distributing information to schools in the north city; however their links to Scientology were not explicitly detailed in the material circulated.

Internal emails within the Department of Health and the HSE report an unease by both executives and other drug awareness groups over the booklets, as well as talks supposedly given by the groups within the north inner city area.

One of the groups – Foundation for a Drug Free World – was established by the Church of Scientology in 2006, and is based in California.

Truth About Drugs – another group distributing information in the city – was praised for their work at the opening of Scientology’s Dublin “church and community centre” in October last year.

Self-help books have also been distributed to working class areas in Dublin, with titles such as Do Not Murder, and Be Competent.

The books also have no direct mention of Scientology; however, Scientology’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, is registered as the trademark holder for the literature.

A group called The Way to Happiness, a name of another self-help book being distributed, has been delivering the 70-page guides to homes in the inner city.

It has been reported that Scientology aims to increase its “efforts to educate Irish people”, with speculation arising over their exact plans for the organisation in Ireland.

Scientology’s sudden rise of investment in Ireland in recent years has garnered much controversy, but the Church of Scientology have made little comment about its plans.

In 2016, Scientology made a profit in Ireland of €48,803 – they are registered as a company in Ireland, having failed to achieve religious or charitable status.

Scientology has been in Ireland since 1956, when their first office opened in Merrion Square.

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