Sarsfield group sees red over BBQ plans for green

by Darragh McKiernan
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The Sarsfield Park & District Residents’ Association has hit out against a planned barbeque due to take place in the public area known as “The Green” in Sarsfield Park, Lucan.
A Facebook page by the name of Sars Field is organising the “BBQ On The Green” event that is set to take place on June 15 at 1pm
Advertised through leaflets, the event promises to be a “A fun day for all the residents to take a day out of our hectic life and have a day of craic, good grub and everlasting memories”.
The price of admission is set at €5 for kids and adults, while “honourable residents” go free
The leaflet goes on to say: “Please get involved and support this great day, especially for our older residents! Any money left over will be donated to the resident’s association.”
The Sarsfield Park & District Residents Association responded to news of the event via Facebook saying: “Some residents may have received notice of a barbeque to be held in the public area “The Green” in Sarsfield Park in July. Please note that this private event is NOT sanctioned or supported by the Residents’ Association.
Please note that the Sarsfield Park and District Residents’ Association will NOT accept any proceeds from this proposed event.”
The situation has caused a stir amongst residents of the area, with some voicing their opinion via social media (Kim Waldron on the Sarsfield Park & District Residents Association FB): “No disrespect but why would the residents [association] need to sanction it.
“A resident of the park has decided to organise a fun day out for everyone from the park, young and old so fair play to them.
“It’s a pity you won’t be accepting any proceeds from the event as I’m sure you could have put it to some use for the benefit of the park, but I’m sure there are plenty of other worthy causes in the area who would be only too glad to receive a donation.”
Despite the objections of the Sarsfield Park & District Residents Association, The Sars Field Facebook page says that they very much plan on going ahead with the barbeque: “As clearly marked out in the leaflet in bold underline “This is Not A Resident Association Event” we have not tried to pass this event off in anyway as a Resident Association affair.”
“If the association refuse to accept the donations, they can’t be or in no way will be forced to take the money.
“We have too many sound residents who wants this day to go ahead, so someone throwing their toys out of their prams ain’t gonna stop us.”

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