Council’s new book on Sarah Cecilia Harrison

by Amy Rohu
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Dublin City Council have published a new book on Sarah Cecilia Harrison, who was an Artist, Social Campaigner and City Councillor, writes Amy Rohu.

Sarah Cecelia Harrison (1863 -1941) was a talented portrait painter who also immersed herself in the political and social fabric of Dublin life, becoming the first female elected as a Dublin City Councillor in 1912.

Last week, Lord Mayor, Alison Gilliland, launched the publication of Sarah Cecilia Harrison Artist, Social Campaigner and City Councillor at an event in Dublin’s City Hall. Edited by art historian and curator Dr. Margarita Cappock it captures the life and work of the compelling woman. 

Speaking at the launch Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland said: “As a city councillor I very much welcome this book on Sarah Cecilia Harrison, Dublin’s first female city councillor. What a trail she blazed in 1912 when she ran for municipal election and won a seat as an independent councillor. I imagine, as she took her seat, she realised the enormous significance of her achievement in the cause of women in politics.

With her win, she had ushered in an historic moment for the city; henceforth the hundreds of years of male only municipal governance was a thing of the past. That Harrison was also a talented artist and social campaigner makes her even more remarkable and so deserving of recognition.”

Sarah Cecilia Harrison Artist, Social Campaigner and City Councillor is available in all good bookshops and can also be ordered in through

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