Sales firm to create 60 jobs

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A COMPANY in Dundrum announced the creation of 60 jobs last week.
Field Management Ireland (FMI) Ltd is a company offering sales, marketing and management services to companies.
The company currently employs 52 people at its head office in Dundrum Business Park, and is now looking for 60 prospective employees to take up a number of residential sales and management positions.
Following the announcement, The Gazette spoke to Nicola DeBeer, chief operating officer at FMI Ltd.
She said: “The new jobs are in the area of residential sales for our existing clients.  We offer services in field management and everything associated with that, such as merchandising campaigns and retail auditing.
“We are blessed with the clients we have, and by driving their sales, they grow bigger and then need our services more – that’s how we are expanding.
“It’s great, too, to be getting people into jobs at this time.
“We’re looking for keen, enthusiastic recruits across a range of disciplines who want to build a career with us.
“As a business, we encourage talent and development in our staff, investing time and resources to allow them to maximise their potential. We are looking forward to welcoming 60 new colleagues to the company,” said DeBeer.
Cllr Lettie McCarthy (Lab) said: “The announcement of 60 new jobs being rolled out immediately across the country are for direct sales representatives to work on campaigns for Electric Ireland, Dogs Trust, Sky and the Irish Cancer Society.
“It is very welcome news for this area, and we all know many families who are in despair due to lack of income and the expense involved with children returning to school is putting further pressure on them, so the timing couldn’t be better.
“During these past few years, many sales representatives could not find work and, hopefully, this will be the break they were looking for.”
Other clients in the FMI portfolio include BMW, Boots, Barry’s Tea, Canon and Bulmers.
Cllr Jim O’Dea (FG) said: “I am delighted to hear the news that FMI will be creating a further 60 jobs in Dundrum.
“FMI was established in 1995 and is located in Dundrum Business Park. They already employ 52 full-time staff and have used the services of 2,500 field operatives in the past year.
“The company provides a range of services, which include event management, merchandising, direct sales, in-store promotions and demonstrations, and have a large number of well-known clients including Glanbia and Superquinn.
“How refreshing it is to look at a company website and see the slogan: ‘Come in, we’re hiring’ on the homepage.
“We depend on generic companies to create employment and get this country moving again. After all the depression, it is great to see light at the end of the tunnel.
“FMI is one of a number of companies to announce further jobs in the general Dundrum area in recent months.
“I wish FMI the best of luck with their expansion, and look forward to further job announcements in the area in the coming months,” said Cllr O’Dea.
Immediate recruitment has started. Those interested in applying for the positions should visit the company website at, where they can apply online prior to the interview and job offer stages.
Alternatively, call Stephanie at 01 496 3399.

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