Calls for eco report on rewilded golf course in Saggart

by Kim O Leary
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By Kim O’Leary

Local Clondalkin-Rathcoole councillor Chris O’Dwyer has called on South Dublin County Council to carry out an immediate ecological report on the rewilded golf course in Saggart. 

 “Upon seeing the rewilded golf course in Saggart for the first time I was taken by its sheer beauty and concentration of wildlife, including a turtle who has taken up residence in one of the many lakes,” he said.

Labour Party Chris O’Dwyer

Mr O’Dwyer claimed local residents have expressed concern over plans that the Department of Education and Skills is seeking to fill in the lakes in order to turn the area into playing fields.

“This decision would be deeply harmful to the local wildlife and could have untold ecological damage to the flora and fauna. I have written to the relevant ministers via my Labour Party colleague, Duncan Smith TD, to ask for their intervention,” he added.

“The residents are anxious that the ecosystems in place will be forever damaged if there is no immediate intervention and an ecological report carried out.”

O’Dwyer has also praised efforts by residents in Saggart to take care of the local wildlife in the area, with excellent care given recently to an injured swan and a turtle. 

“The residents carry out many interventions to keep the rewilded golf course safe for the local wildlife such as clearing everyday litter, but recently they have had to contend with bulk items being dumped in the streams and bodies of water that are located around the course.

“They have even hired diggers and other machinery to clear streams to prevent flooding, all done out of their own pocket for love of their village and its native wildlife,” explained O’Dwyer.

“This commitment to nature and safeguarding of a valuable ecosystem is nothing short of inspirational and shows what can be achieved when like-minded and dedicated individuals band together.”

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