Ryanair claim winter flights reduction from Dublin Airport is due to daa’s “mismanagement” and lack of forward planning

by Rose Barrett
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Ryanair announced it would reduce the number of flights from Dublin Airport owing to what it claimed was the daa’s lack of future planning, increasing passenger charges, some poor major spending decisions and its failure to tackle any significant environmental issues.

While this is traditionally the time Ryanair would ‘rejig’ and reduce its winter flights, the airline confirmed earlier that it was cancelling 17 routes for the season from Dublin, and intended to relocated 19 Boeing “Gamechanger” to other European airports.

21/09/23 Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson announces Ryanair has cut its winter schedule at Dublin Airport Photo Alison O’Hanlon

RTÉ reported this was because these EU airports encouraged and offered incentives to airlines that grow passenger numbers using lower CO2 emitting and quieter aircraft. Among the airports the Gamechanger Boeings will relocate to will be Luton in the UK, Spanish and Italian airports.

However, it will include reductions in flights to Palermo and Genoa in Italy, Nuremeberg (Germany) along with some flights to the UK.

The Irish air carrier has been highly critical of the daa (formerly Dublin Airport Authority) and accused the airport management of failing to advance plan for the increased summer season, and “wasting taxpayers’ money on ill-thought-out infrastructure projects and failing to support low-cost access and sustainable growth”.

Ryanair boss, Michael O’Leary (above) has denounced the plans to introduce a tunnel under part of the airfield at a cost of €250m, to connect the two terminals and that there were no futuristic plans to expand Terminal 1 and 2 to accommodate increasing passenger numbers.

21/09/23 Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson
Photo Alison O’Hanlon

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson stated it was most regrettable that Ryanair would introduce 17 route cuts and the removal of 19 “Gamechanger” enviro-friendly aircraft this winter at Dublin. He further slated the daa increasing passenger charges by up to 45pc, along with failing to reward airlines such as Ryanair who supply lower emission aircrafts.”

While Ryanair stated the reduced flight schedule would not adversely affect staff numbers for the carrier, it could mean an increase in flight costs for Dublin bookings and of course, planes with higher 002 emissions, which is regrettable.

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