Let’s speed up the recovery of little ‘Superhero Noah’ from Rush

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

He is not quite nine years old yet, but young Noah Keogh Harding from Rush has been through hell and back since March this year.

The only child of LeeAnn Keogh and Jason Harding, the couple were worried when Noah complained of excruciating back pain, so painful the youngster couldn’t sleep.

LeeAnn’s sister, Janine (Connolly) stated Noah’s parents “were upthe walls trying to find out what was wrong with their son. LeeAnn was sent home from hospital a number of times until finally she met a doctor who agreed this needed further investigation.”

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An aunt and godmother of Noah, Janine added it was a torturous time for her nephew and his parents.

“Despite the dreadful pain he was in, and the limitations it put on his day-to-day life, Noah became my ‘Superhero’.  My lovely godson is the epitome of what a superhero should be: he is kind, caring, so funny and witty – albeit, at times, a cheeky little munchkin! He loves swimming and gaming, and has had to be content with the latter as a pastime in recent months. He has the gift of the gab and is a devil to tell jokes.”

Finally, after months of waiting, the results of an MRI confirmed why the happy youngster was experiencing chronic pain – Noah had a tumour within his central nervous system, located precariously on his spine.

Surgery followed and was deemed a success but some nervous tissue was removed during surgery and his right leg was compromised.

“He had no feeling in the leg for a couple of days,” said Janine. “Noah is having intensive physiotherapy to help him gain use of his right leg again. He will be using a wheelchair outside of the home, and at St Catherine’s National School in Rush.

LeeAnn and Jason need to have support rails installed in the house and we are hoping he will be able to walk about safely at home with a walking aid and support rails.”

During Noah’s recovery, biopsy results confirmed Noah had a very rare tumour called ‘Diffuse Leptomeningeal Glioneuronal Tumour’, a grade 2 tumour containing cancer cells.

Noah and his family have a long road ahead of them for recovery including MRIs every three months, extensive physiotherapy and possibly chemotherapy depending on the future behaviour of the tumour.

“As this type is so rare, the doctors cannot say for certain how the tumour will behave. All we know is that this type has a tendency to re-occur,” said Janine who lives in Clonsilla with her son Dylan (7) and husband Patrick, Dylan, she states, is like a sibling to his ‘Superhero’ cousin, Noah.

“This is where I’m asking for your help. This unknown road has placed so many financial strains and worries for LeeAnn and Jason, and the expenses will continue to grow with house adaptations needed, medical appointments and supports, etc – all to help Noah live his life as normal as possible.

“I want to take the financial worry away, at least, with your with help and support! Thanks to all who’ve supported to date; we have almost €8,000 of our €20,000 goal achieved and I’m so appreciative of people’s generosity,” said Janine.

“He really is a little Superhero the way he has handled the pain, surgery and now his recovery, and we’d like to see him have a great Christmas.”

If you’d like to donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-our-superhero-noah-bear

All donations, no matter how small will be appreciated.

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