Local committee makes submission on planning app

by Rose Barrett
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Rush Community Development Committee (CDC) have made a sizeable submission re a planned application, ref: F21A/0455, at upper Main Street, submitted by Rushbury Properties Ltd.

The local group support this much anticipated development on the site which “has been an eye sore for too long.”

Among the issues addressed is an outdated traffic survey submitted and dated January 2012.  This survey, claim the committee, does not factor in new housing estates, and increased traffic with another 67 units granted on Upper Main Street which will further increase traffic.

Charlie Monks, Chair CDC also stated there should be no right turn exiting the new development; the bus stop should be set back from the road to allow traffic to flow; car parking on the development should be free and open 24/7 to help traffic flow on Main Street and replace the proposed removal of parking spaces from some areas and the proposed pedestrian crossing is too near the traffic lights at the Skerries road corner.

Mr Monks further suggested should the development does not go ahead within 12 months of planning permission being granted, a condition of planning should enforce the developer to clean up the site and give access to an area for car parking until the development takes place.  

See https://planning.agileapplications.ie/…/applicati…/90598

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