Much loved Richmond house in Dalkey could soon be no more

by Gary Ibbotson
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A proposed development on Castle Park Road, Dalkey, will see the demolition of Richmond house, a much loved county house dating back to the 1930s.

Planning permission applied to the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council proposes demolishing the house and constructing a four-storey high apartment block consisting of 14 apartments as well as 10 houses and 14 car parking spaces.

According to the application each apartment will have a balcony, private amenities, refuse storage and communal open space areas.

The development also includes the widening of the vehicular entrance at Castle Park Road, an outdoor communal open space, play area and kickabout space.

However, news of the plan has some local residents saddened that a historical feature of the area will soon be no more.

“Beautiful house, such a shame to pull it down,” says Pamela Mason on Facebook.

“How sad – I loved that house as a child when Mrs Roche lived there and was later in total admiration of the fabulous job the Keanes did with it – such a shame to have it demolished,” added Jill Coffey.

Other locals are concerned that the construction of the four-storey apartment block will conflict with the modest aesthetic of Dalkey town.

“So much for leafy Dalkey. Soon to be concrete jungle. We need to stop developers destroying this beautiful tranquil town. Something needs to be done!” says Laura Harris.

“Every single development in Dalkey seems to be packing them in without any regard for the character of the town,” added Daniellec Byrne.

The house, which was nicknamed ‘The Old Or’ (orchard) by locals, backs up against Hyde Park and was sold in 2018 for € 2,350,000.

“The County Development Plan 2016-2022 has objectives aimed at the protection of the unique character and ambiance of places like Dalkey,” says local Independent councillor, Michael Merrigan.

“However, demographic change, spiraling property prices, increased pressures to densify through in-filling in Dalkey and environs are challenges that could seriously impact on the character of the area.

“This development at Castle Park Road would appear to be aimed at the maximum permitted density on the plot and although, we have a housing crisis this type of developments does little if anything to tackle the problem where it is most acute, affordability,” he says.

Green Party councillor, Daniel Dunne recommends that any resident who has a concern about the project to submit an objection to An Bord Pleanala.

“Big money investors with deep pockets are pushing local people and families out of this area and driving up rents. The government need to review the taxation and regulation of these funds urgently,” says Dunne.

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