Richmond Barracks champions biodiversity

by Rachel Cunningham
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BY Rachel Cunningham

A new worksheet was launched at Richmond Barracks, Inchicore last week, with a focus on biodiversity and honey bees.

The worksheet was created by children who took part in a four-day biodiversity workshop, led by Richmond Barracks eco-gardener in residence Polly Rowley-Sams.

The budding environmentalists, aged 9-12, learned about the importance of protecting the natural environment and the young eco scientists mapped out the garden and made big plans for its future through games, drawings and planting. 

Along with their work on the biodiversity worksheets, they audited the garden, created a pollinator friendly planting plan and developed ideas for ways to help improve biodiversity in their neighbourhood.

The worksheets will be given to visitors at Richmond Barracks to help share their findings and improve overall biodiversity in the local community. This work will be used as part of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan that aims to encourage the survival of pollinators in Ireland.

At the launch of the new biodiversity worksheets, CEO of Dublin City Council Culture Company,  Iseult Byrne, commented: “The children put a huge amount of effort into researching, exploring and bee-fact finding. We have gathered all their work into this worksheet and we want to thank them for their hard work and their passion for our pollinators.”

“We are planning a biodiversity walk in the local area to share knowledge and amplify some of the fantastic environmental initiatives happening locally and we aim to make the garden a community-led space, including raised beds for community use, where locals and neighbours can meet, greet, learn and grow together”, she added.

Polly Rowley-Sams will return to the Richmond Barracks garden on Sat October 30th with a ‘Creepy Crawlies Craft Workshop’ for children aged 7 and over. In this workshop, children will have the chance to learn about biodiversity, observe small creatures in their natural habitat and craft their own creepy crawlies to take home.  For more information, visit

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