– the safe, anonymous way to connect perplexed owners with lost goods or family!

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Ever find a mobile phone, keys, wallet or passport and set about finding the owner?

If the answer is yes, and you stressed about contacting the local radio station, posting on social media or heading to the nearest garda station, here’s a terrific and unique coded system for people to quickly locate and reunite owners with lost goods.

‘’ is the trading arm of Reunite Code Ltd, based in Rathcoole, Dublin 24.

Devised by Ken Bogle, MD of Reunite Code Ltd, Ken encourages Dublin Gazette readers to reap the benefits of ReuniteTag.

“I found a girl in her early 20’s one night on Camden Street and she was extremely upset and dis-orientated. She feared her drink had been tampered with, and she could not remember her mother’s phone number. I contacted the gardaí and a ban-garda attended.

“She got home safely and later thanked me for assisting her. I then set out to explore and develop a simple communication service in the Cloud. I believe that every family should have a ReuniteTag family code in case of an emergency which could entail losing one’s phone, keys or essential documentation like your passport or driver’s licence, etc.

“Your passport is your only license to travel the world and without it your plans are hampered! Without it, you can neither travel out, or return home from abroad. Over an 18 months testing period, a customer was queuing at an airport terminal gate when he got a text message: “Your passport. You dropped it in the newsagents, I left it with the manager.”

Ken stated that man didn’t even realise he had dropped his passport and rushed back to collect it – in half the time had he reached the final boarding gate!

At least 27m pieces of luggage go missing every year worldwide – 1.7m are never located by the owner! Incredibly, 70m phones are lost every year worldwide  – only 7 per cent ever get returned.

ReuniteTag Codes reunite lost items with their owners, quickly and translates across over 130 languages. This is not another tracker or form of ‘AirTag’.

“We are a ‘world-first’ solution in that we offer complete anonymity to our customers,” he stressed.

 How it works

“The customer attaches three phone numbers to be contacted in case of emergency, whatever the crisis,” said Ken. “We do not collect names and addresses, but the customer’s code is attached to their items by way of a high-end label, screen saver, etc.

“If the item is lost, the finder (no matter their nationality or language) can come to and organise a text to be sent to the owner at no charge to the sender. Thereafter, they can mutually arrange a place where the item can be collected. The connection is completely anonymous and done through a ReuniteTag code!”

Anonymity is vital in these days of stalking/tracking. “It is a weakness of the hi-tech solutions such as AirTags and GPS trackers that your data is shared,” said Ken. “We keep it simple and send a message to up to three trusted mobile contacts. We are totally GDPR compliant and meet the protocols of the Geneva convention on travel.”

Along with losing valuable items, there are emergency scenarios such as someone collapsing or getting lost through illness. Or a child goes missing in a busy airport or on a sunny beach. If they have a ReuniteTag code on their luggage or are wearing the code, a next of kin can be contacted – that could be lifesaving time.

A recent customer collapsed on a golf course and his wife was immediately alerted through ReuniteTag. She contacted the medic straight away and advised her husband was a diabetic and had recently changed medication. A possible fatal crisis averted.

To buy a code with a pack of stickers, labels, cards and fobs, go to  The cost is €19.95 for a pack to cover the whole household.  Annual renewal code is only €7.95.

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