Residents take to streets in fight against yob gangs

by Gazette Reporter
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Tyrrelstown residents have vowed to “take our estate back” from the anti-social elements that have been terrorising the area recently.
A large group of residents took to the streets outside Blanchardstown garda station on Saturday in a protest calling for action against a small minority of youths who are believed to be the cause of most of the trouble.
Tyrrelstown Neighbourhood Watch vowed to keep on protesting until action was taken.
The statement read: “There will be a lot more work to be done. We hope to follow this up with a public meeting and more direct action like this in the very near future.
“We hope this sends out a clear message to you, the people of Tyrrelstown, that you are not alone and that we can and will work together to take our estate back.
“We hope it sends out a clear message to the council and others that we will not tolerate antisocial behaviour from their tenants, and any others for that matter.
“We hope it sends a message to all within the estate who engage in antisocial behaviour and criminality that your behaviour is unacceptable and you can and will be evicted.”
Inspector Tony Twomey of Blanchardstown garda station addressed the crowd at the protest.
He assured protestors that the increased garda presence and engagement with the area would continue for the foreseeable future.
Tyrrelstown Neighbourhood Watch said residents were very happy with the response by the gardai to the issue but that they felt let down by a justice system that they say: “Seems to make certain people engaging in crime and anti-social behaviour the impression that they are untouchable.”
Locals also said they were unhappy with the council for housing a disproportionate number of anti-social elements in the one area.
It is expected that further protests may take place at council offices in the coming weeks.

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