Residents fear access route through estate will get the green light

by Sylvia Pownall
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FEARS are mounting that builders working on a new housing development in Donabate will be granted access through another estate.

The council sought additional information on the 286-unit scheme adjacent to Beresford estate and now residents are worried it will get the green light.

It comes as local Cllr Adrian Henchy (FF) announced he has dedicated an area on his website to planning issues on the peninsula, which is earmarked for 4,000 additional housing units.

Beresford residents’ spokesperson Selene Alford told The Gazette: “We are expecting a decision from the council any day now.

“Judging on the fact that they’ve failed to ask the developer to look at any of our concerns, it seems to be getting the green light.

“We’re at a loss. We know what the next steps should be but we’re just in disbelief that we’ve ended up at this point.”

Beresford residents fear that accessing the building site from their estate will present serious health and safety risks, particularly for children at the newly-opened creche.

Meanwhile Cllr Henchy has urged the local community to exercise vigilance when it comes to planning applications.

He said: “While I welcome development, it must be proper sustainable development underpinned by proper infrastructure and carried out on a phased basis to ensure our community remains vibrant and a positive place to both live and visit.”

The largest public building project this year is about to get under way at the site of St Ita’s where the new National Forensic Hospital will be located and CCTV is currently being installed to monitor construction traffic.

The long-awaited tender for the widening and realignment of the Hearse Road between the Maxol garage and the railway bridge has also been issued.

Cllr Henchy said: “Now, more than ever, we need to work as a community to ensure that all developments for the area benefit the area and enhance our community.”

Meanwhile Senator James Reilly has defended his decision to object to an application by Tilberry Ltd to build 151 apartments and houses and a two storey creche adjacent to the Links in Donabate.

His is one of several submissions lodged to date.

He said the high-density proposal was outside the town centre and would be “out of character” for the area as well as posing a health and safety risk for children walking to school as a result of increased traffic.

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