Frustrated defective home-owners to stage 24-hour protest at Dáil Eireann

by Rose Barrett
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Bewildered and frustrated home-owners awaiting the Minister’s advancement of the Redress Scheme are hosting a 24 hour protest from midnight tomorrow tonight outside Dáil Eireann.

“We will be protesting from midnight on June 20 right through till midnight on June 21, the longest day of the year,” said Odette and Sam Doran of The Crescent Building in Park West. 

“Members of Not Our Fault campaign will further give a presentation in the AV Room from 11am-12pm on Wednesday next. It’s been 6 months since Minister Darragh O’Brien confirmed there would be a 100 per cent redress scheme for owners like us who bought faulty homes built during the construction self-certification era.

“Then he said he would have emergency funding and interim measures in place until the scheme is up and running but to date, there is nothing in place – even though we have been told the money is there and there is no need for legislation to deliver emergency funding!

“So, what is the hold-up?? We and others are living in defective properties, lacking in proper safety precautions. It’s not like it’s a hole in the roof that we can put a plaster on it – the issue is regarding lack of fire defects.

“We have heard of some developments that have cancelled cleaning and maintenance in blocks as they got hit with huge insurance bills and they simple didn’t budget for more expenses. Some are being pursued through the courts for levies and interest for something that is not their fault!” The Dorans and others in the Crescent building were told it would cost €68,500 per household to correct the defects and make their homes safer.

Any support for the 24 hour protest from midnight tomorrow is appreciated.

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