Raw sewage leakage into the Ward River, Swords

by Rose Barrett
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Multiple pump failures at the Knocksedan waste water pump station led to raw sewage flowing out of it into the nearby Ward River, earlier this week, claims Cllr Ian Carey (GP)

Locals reported a stream of foul smelling water flowing downhill from Knocksedan into the river.

Responding to the reports on Monday council staff attended the scene and the overflow had stopped.

In recent weeks a pump failure occurred at the station and when inspected, it was discovered that a secondary pump was also close to failure. To deal with this, a submersible pump was put in place powered by a generator.

At some stage over the weekend the isolation switch on the generator was turned off leading to the leak.

The council took charge of the pumping station a number of years ago. Council officials say they hope to decommission the pumping station soon.

Cllr Ian Carey said (GP for Swords) said: “This pumping station is clearly a massive environmental risk. Simple pump failures like this should not be leading to rivers of sewage flowing into our much loved park.

“I’ll be calling on the council to redouble their efforts to end the use of this pumping station, ” concluded Cllr Carey.

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