Rathfarnham Irish dancer named world champ

by Quinn Kanner
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Caitlin Reardon crowned under-15 Irish Dancing World Champion

A Rathfarnham Irish dancer was named World Champion in the Under-15 category of the Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa (CRDM) World Championships.

15-year-old Caitlin Reardon competed against dancers from America, Germany and England for her title in her second year dancing with MORE Irish Dance.

Caitlin said: “It was an amazing experience having my mam and dad and all the school there to support me.

“I finished third last year in my first year representing MORE in the Worlds, and this year I pushed myself for the win!”

Caitlin’s family was ecstatic over her win. Her mother, Jennifer Reardon said: “Let’s just say me and the hubby had to be picked up off the ground.”

Caitlin receiving her trophy

Caitlin receiving her trophy

Caitlin first became interested in Irish dancing while on holiday in France with her family.

Caitlin said: “I started dancing at nine, when we were on holidays in Disneyland Paris that St Patrick’s week, in 2012.

“I got up on stage with Sharon Shannon and started dancing, which I had never done before.”

That experience prompted her to start training at a local school, and a few years later she switched to MORE Irish Dance in Bluebell, where she currently dances.

Caitlin said: “Michael O’Reilly is my teacher and has been a big part of my transformation as a dancer.

“He works all his dancers so hard and has more than 60 kids in his school now and still growing.”

Caitlin hopes to pursue a future in Irish Dancing.

She said: “I hope to work on Riverdance, following in the footsteps of all those I look up to, possibly teaching and adjudicating too.”

Jennifer says the title could be a first step in Caitlin achieving her dream since you have to be dancing at a championship level to even be considered for Riverdance, and this upcoming year Caitlin will turn 16 and be old enough to audition.

Jennifer said: “She knew she needed to pull it out to even get a chance at the Riverdance team.

“She’s worked very hard this year and actually done it, which I knew she would because, she has it in her.”

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