Concerns over development south Dublin villages

by Rachel Cunningham
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Concerns have been raised regarding the development of Rathcoole and Newcastle villages, with a population of 11,000 people predicted by 2028, writes Rachel Cunningham.

 Councillor Francis Timmons said that he was relieved that the planning regulator has accepted issues of limited public transport, deficits in social services and education in the Newcastle and Rathcoole areas.

He said: “I have been saying this time and time again since I was elected in 2014 so it’s good to hear the planning regulator saying the same thing, South Dublin County Council (SDCC) need to listen. Newcastle is set to further expand by 63 per cent and Rathcoole by 47 per cent up to 2028. I will write to the SDCC county manager to see how it is planned to ensure this can be sustainable.

“Unless proper plans are made this will not be a sustainable community, both villages have awful traffic congestion as is and limited bus services. We have seen in many areas what bad planning leads to, I ask that the county manager act urgently to stop things getting worse in Newcastle and Rathcoole for current and future residents.”

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