Rapid-build sees 24 homes added in just six months to site

by Emma Nolan
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SOME 24 new rapid-build homes have been completed in Cherry Orchard.

The two- and three-bedroom homes, built by construction company Adston, will be used as Dublin City Council social housing.

The council awarded Adston with the tender for the construction of these social houses in order to develop affordable housing and to meet the needs of the rapidly increasing population in Dublin as the homeless crisis worsens.

It was hoped that the homes would be occupied by now; however, problems in securing gas, electricity, as well as telecommunications connections have delayed projects across the city.

The construction of the units themselves only took six months through the use of off-site construction.

On completion of this project, Adston’s chief executive Francis Smith said: “This was a great project for us; it truly gave us the opportunity to show off-site construction at its best.

“With high-quality factory assembly units delivered direct to site, there was significantly less waste for our on-site contractors.

“Off-site construction has the potential to change the construction industry for various sectors. The end result is an airtight house with super insulation.

“There is no doubt these houses will make great homes and will give families a great quality of life in the years to come.”

A spokesperson for the council said that off-site construction is an “efficient and proactive solution” to house building.

They added: “We are delighted with the result. The fact that six months ago nothing stood on the Cherry Orchard site [compared to how the site looks today] is remarkable.”

Smith added: “We are very proud of the high standard of workmanship in Cherry Orchard.

“It is a great reflection of the highly motivated and skilled team of qualified professionals who work for us.”

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