Plans lodged for 1,000 rapid-build social housing homes

by Patrick Finnegan
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Dublin City Council (DCC) has lodged applications for six blocks of 71 apartments in Chapelizod and two blocks of 55 apartments at Cork Street, Dublin 8.

The plan is to build the apartments without lodging a planning application, under a government initiative which has granted emergency powers, in a bid to solve the homeless and housing problems.

The emergency powers mean that DCC is not obliged to follow the normal planning process, also known as the Part 8 process.

A spokesperson from DCC told Dublin Gazette: “DCC has plans to construct more than 1,000 social housing homes at various locations throughout the city using modular rapid-build technology.

“This is called Volumetric Housing, because it consists almost entirely of apartments, not actual houses, which was the case with previous rapid-build schemes.

“The big positive from this new type of construction is that once a contractor is on-site, we can expect completion in 12 months or less, compared with 18 to 24 months for previous traditional builds.

“It is intended to contract the construction of these apartments – over 1,000 units – in ‘bundles’ of 200 to 300 units over a number of different sites.

“The contract for the first bundle will be awarded in the coming weeks, and this consists of four separate sites, totalling 261 homes.

“We are expecting that two of these schemes – at Bonham Street, Dublin 8, and Bunratty Road, Dublin 5 – may be on site before September, and the other two schemes at Chapelizod and Cork Street will begin in early October,” they said.

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