Pranksters electing to get pal a date with posters in Ranelagh

by Dublin Gazette
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A young man has had his face plastered on ‘election posters’ across the Ranelagh area – despite not running for election.

Galway-born Darren Coen’s posters read ‘Independent and Single’ and were supposedly hung around the south city suburb in a prank by his friends.

The posters claim that the singleton is looking for love, and will “not stop until he gets tired”.

Speaking on Newstalk earlier this week, the Dublin-dweller told the station’s breakfast show that the posters were hung in revenge for pranks he’d previously committed on his friends.

Coen said: “A couple of my friends from college pooled their resources both financial and creativity wise and came up with this fairly convincing looking election poster.

“I know who’s responsible but I’m trying to figure out how to let them know, for my revenge. I am currently single [so] they’re probably looking out for me, maybe trying to get me a couple of dates.

“It was very good on their part and I was completely caught by surprise, but hopefully I’ll win out at the end of the day.”

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