Deadline for submissions on R132 road changes looming

by Gazette Reporter
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The deadline for submissions on plans to reduce the number of traffic lanes on the R132 road from the airport to Lissenhall in Swords from two to one is this Friday December 18.

Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) is urging locals to have their say on the contentious issue which raises issues relating to future public transport projects.

He said: “Whilst I am in favour of safer footpaths, cycleways and crossing points, personally I have reservations about reducing the number of traffic lanes from two to one along the R132.

“This is going to be difficult to resolve with Metrolink to fit in as well, but I think we need to come up with a better compromise.

“To me the R132 is not an urban road, it is a ring-road, a distributor road designed to get traffic out of Swords and to free up Swords.

“Reducing this vital ring-road to just one lane for normal traffic between Pinnock Hill and Lissenhall and a speed limit of 50kph (31 miles) in my mind will totally clog up all of Swords west of the R132.

“This proposal in its current format does not acknowledge the important role that the R132 plays in getting traffic out of Swords and allowing Swords to breathe.”

The proposal suggests reducing the R132 from two lanes to one, and closing off the Drynam Road connection to the Malahide Road at the Pavilions roundabout.

Cllr Butler called for a solution which allows for the safety measures to be introduced without further restricting traffic.

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