Puppy owner issues warning

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A CLONDALKIN woman has called on the community to help her find her missing dog.
Julie Holmes, who is a dog trainer, last saw her terrier-cross puppy Clara on March 20, and is offering a sizeable reward for the return of the brown and tan dog.
Clara was wearing a collar and tag when she was last seen, and is microchipped.
Julie believes that Clara was taken purposely, possibly because she resembles a pedigree dog.
She said: “There’s a €500 reward out for her – tell me how nobody’s seen her?
“The only thing I can think of is that somebody took her because they thought she was a Yorkshire terrier.
“But, in the cold light of day, she’s obviously not a terrier, and is of no value to anyone but me.”
Anecdotal evidence suggests a rise in the number of missing dogs in recent weeks, with a spokesman at Clondalkin Garda Station saying that there is a large number of missing dog posters in the station at present.
“There is an epidemic of dogs being stolen left, right and centre,” said Julie, who rescued Clara from Laois Animal Rescue in November last year.
“There are a few theories about what happened, one being that someone thought she was a pedigree dog.
“Because she’s so young, she could have been sold on for breeding.
“Another theory is that a child has got her, and the parents either haven’t seen the posters, or they like the dog and don’t want to give her back.
“I’m just hoping that because she’s such a high-maintenance character, they look for the dog warden to take her.
“She is a mongrel, and of no value to anyone but me.  I miss her dreadfully, and want her home.”
Anyone with informacan call 087 242 6738.

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