Unwanted Dublin’s dogs in urgent need of homes

by Rachel Cunningham
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A dog charity has expressed concern that an increasing number of dogs are in need of shelter, after it recently took in a litter of four-week-old abandoned puppies in Dublin, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Last year, almost 4,000 surrender requests were made to Dogs Trust Ireland, where people contacted the charity about putting their dog into care.

This was the highest volume the charity has seen since it opened in 2009 and Dogs Trust is now highlighting the worrying increase in the number of dogs in need of aid.

A member of the public spotted the Dublin litter of puppies after one had strayed into the middle of the road.

After a closer look, he discovered a plastic bag containing the remaining six puppies.

Two of the dogs were dead at the time they were found.

Despite finding homes for 1,042 dogs in 2023, Dogs Trust currently has 2016 dogs in its care and has appealed to the public to support the charity’s ongoing work.

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