Brighter Future While Saving Money And The Environment

by Gazette Reporter
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Upwards of 70 per cent of commercial property continue to use expensive, environmentally destructive and inefficient lighting, it was claimed this week.

SME Lighting was established in 2020 specifically to service the SME sector which, it believes, has been generally overlooked by the established LED companies in favour of the larger industry sites.

The company is dedicated to helping the SME sector to switch to LED lighting.

By doing so, it will makes substantial savings as LED lights are 90 per cent more efficient than traditional bulbs which can cut your lighting bills by up to three-quarters. Initial outlay is typically fully recouped within two years.

There is a plus for the atmosphere as by installing more reliable and zero UV mission LED lights, you are playing your part in making Ireland a greener place to live.

This can be seen clearly as the average life for LED is 50,000 hours versus the 10,000 hours for traditional bulbs.

The switch will also lead to enhanced quality lighting which in turns gives better productivity. SME Lighting products are CE Certified & Triple E Registered.

Changing to SME Lighting Limited sees immediate savings in your pocket and in the environment, while improving your product. For further information contact        [email protected]

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