Progress made in tackling embankment anti-social behaviour

by Mark O'Brien
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Cllr Liona O'Toole at the newly cleaned embankment between Moy Glas and Castle Riada

Progress is being made in tackling anti-social behaviour at an area between two estates in Lucan.

Residents have raised concerns about anti-social behaviour – including the lighting of fires – at the divide between Moy Glas and Castle Riada.

Cllr Liona O’Toole raised the issue in October at the Lucan Area Committee meeting of South Dublin County Council.

In her motion, Cllr O’Toole said: “For a long number of years anti-social behaviour and criminal activity has taken place at the divide (embankment) between two estates Moy Glas and Castle Riada, Lucan.

“Recently the area in Moy Glas has experienced continuous anti-social behaviour. Residents have reported these incidents to Lucan Garda which is being examined and monitored.”

The embankment had been earmarked to be part of the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) “Walking and Cycling Scheme” but the NTA did not proceed with the plan as it did not meet its Project Appraisal Guidelines.

Since then, the area has been neglected, but efforts are now being made to improve the area for residents.

Cllr O’Toole told Dublin Gazette: “I met with residents at an onsite meeting along with a member of Lucan Garda station in April (appx 27) from both estates, as I have raised the issue of the embankment since last year and over the weeks I have met with council management and discussed options.”

Following the meetings, the council have removed waste and debris from the pathways.

“The council management have committed to putting in these measures in the interim to reduce the ongoing burning of hedges and trees and grass,” said Cllr O’Toole.

“Dublin Fire brigade have assisted in the fire issues and I spoke with them seeking advice on the fires and asked for a report on the number of call outs to date.

“I would like to thank the residents for contacting me and also for their efforts in working together with each other and I will continue to work on this matter until a long-term solution is sought for the area. Also thanks to council management and DFB.”

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