Progress on Hartstown abandoned site welcomed

by Rose Barrett
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For many years now, Cllr Tania Doyle (Ind for Ongar) has been calling for a seemingly abandoned plot in the area to be “returned to the public realm” and used for the benefit of the Dublin 15 community.

Speaking to the Dublin Gazette, Cllr Doyle described the abandoned and overgrown plot as a bit of an eyesore, and a waste of prime space.  Located adjacent to a major feeder route in D 15,  which she believes with very little effort and resources, could be returned to the public realm. 

“In a time of climate action and mitigation, to leave such a plot to further deterioration serves no purpose whatsoever,” said Cllr Doyle. The land entails a quarter of an acre and is situated off the Hartstown/Huntstown Ring Road, at the outer boundary of a residential development Pinebrook in D15. 

“However, given its location, dimension and aspect, this makes it difficult to develop for residential purposes.”

Cllr Doyle first raised the matter of the abandoned plot in 2017 shortly after she took office. “It proved difficult to ascertain ownership. I moved a motion in Council calling for resources to be dedicated to identifying ownership of the land and for it to be returned to the public realm. I would be now proposing that Fingal County Council take control of the plot under the provisions of a CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order) and develop the plot in the public interest.”

At the area Council Meeting for Dublin 15 on February 1 last week, officials confirmed to Cllr Doyle that, on foot of detailed research carried out in the land Registry,  the plot is NOT registered. 

“Fingal County Council has been able to determine that the original owners of the land were Kilnamanagh Estates Ltd, who then conveyed the land to Calend Limited in 1989. Calend Ltd are now dissolved and FCC progressing the Deed of Waiver so that this plot can be taken into ownership and then taken in charge can only be positive,” noted Cllr Doyle.

“The most suitable use for the plot has yet to be evaluated. I have been advised that it would be most suited to a garden style development which would enhance and transform the location from an overgrown plot of abandoned wasteland into a flourishing public amenity, abundant with various shrubs focussed on promoting biodiversity and pollination for the area.”

She concluded: “Whatever the final determination for the plot will be, I believe that I speak for us all when I say that it must be returned to the public realm  –  and sooner rather than later. Transforming and utilising the space for the betterment of the community can only be good!”

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