Pregnant horse is killed after hitting car

by Sylvia Pownall
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AN ANIMAL charity has urged owners who leave horses loose to “cop-on” after a mum-of-four cheated death in a horrific incident on Saturday.


The woman had to be cut from her car by the fire service after a stray mare ran onto the busy Malahide Road near Northern Cross.


The horse, which was pregnant, was killed on impact and the mum-of-four was treated in hospital for her injuries.


The woman, who gave her name only as Mary, said: “My whole body is still shaking. I actually asked the ambulance man was I still alive.


“I could have lost my life, my kids could have lost their mum.”


Her partner, who was driving but escaped uninjured, gave a chilling account of the collision in which the glove box and engine collapsed on top of Mary’s legs, trapping her inside the car.


He said: “I saw a black thing flying towards me; it went onto the bonnet, crashed into the windscreen, up on the roof and then landed in the middle of the road.


“The horse died on impact. Gardai moved it off the road but it was still there on Sunday.”


The couple were travelling at around 40kmph along the N32 towards Clarehall when the horse ran out from behind a hedge to their left.


Mary sobbed: “It was just horrible. I never want to experience anything like that again. I woke up and the fire service were all around me.


“We were in a brand-new car and I was told if we were in a Micra I would have been killed.”


Animal charity My Lovely Horse Rescue – which was also alerted to loose horses on the Luas tracks at Bluebell over the weekend – called for action.


A MLHR spokesperson said: “It’s time for owners who leave horses loose on public land to cop on and organise secure land for their horses before someone gets killed.


“Tethering is not an alternative. That couple had a very traumatic experience that could have cost them their lives.”


In the past week alone, MLHR has received reports of a stray horse impaled on a railing in a field in Cappagh, loose horses on the Ratoath Road, stray horses at the 12th Lock in Clondalkin and horses loose on the Luas tracks in Bluebell.


The spokesperson said: “We are so sick of seeing horses being injured or dying, breaking legs, being impaled on railings.


“Someone will die as a result of a serious accident, and that person’s death will be on the conscience of the horse owner.”


MLHR is calling for laws on microchipping and horse passports to be enforced, and for extra resources for gardai and local authorities to help tackle the issue.

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