Post Lockdown Public Transport

by Gazette Reporter
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LABOUR Cllr James Humphreys is calling for plans to ensure sufficient and reliable public transportation to service the outer suburbs in the post-lockdown phases.

With more and more business due to reopen and people returning to work now is the time to plan for the public transportation requirement for outer suburbs, he said.

He asked the National Transport Authority to clarify what plans it has in place to increase service, considering there is a 50% reduction in capacity on some routes including Swords Express.

He said: “Swords residents are all too familiar with the inadequate public transport service at peak time and with the reduced capacity on public transportation due to social distancing measure. I fear as business begin to reopen it will cause chaos for those who have to travel for work.”

Social distancing protocols will impact public transport capacity and Cllr Humphreys said a “holistic” approach was needed from Government and employers.

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