Shock Installation of Telecom Mast

by Rose Barrett
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Cllr Paul Mulville (SD) has criticised what he described as the “shock installation” of an 18-metre high telecommunication mast in Portrane, writes Rose Barrett.

“Portrane is but one of many phone mast decisions made by former Bord Pleanála Vice-Chair Paul Hyde that is highly questionable. It is vital that no stone is left unturned at An Bord Pleanála (ABP) so that trust can be restored to our planning system,” he wrote on social media.

He continued: “The fact remains. however, that Minister Darragh O’Brien’s Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage changed the planning rules in December 2020, allowing telecom masts to bye-pass the normal planning permission process.

“In the normal course of events, a planning site notice must be erected in advance at the proposed location of any development. This gives people due warning, and members of the public can then write to the council or the Bord to set out any concerns.

“In any case, this location was rejected by Fingal County Council, only to then approved by the FG appointed Paul Hyde at ABP, decisions are now under investigation by gardaí.

“In relation to the need for a telecom antennae in Portrane, it is clear from the planning file that a service blackspot was identified and needed addressing. There is no question that a more appropriate location should have been found, and there are many – hence the council’s original refusal.”

In terms of concerns raised about telecom antenna and public health, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has published a short leaflet addressing the matter, see link below:

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