Dublin’s Port Tunnel lighting up the road to energy efficiency

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Dublin’s 9km Port Tunnel has been fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting for all 1800 of its light points.

The upgraded lighting, in collaboration with the lighting company Signify, has achieved up to a 60 per cent reduction in electricity use, based on 2022 rates. Signify has compared claimed that reduction is the equivalent of the electricity consumed by up to 300 Irish households.

The benefits of the upgrade is that it hasenabled the tunnel to operate with reduced costs, lower emissions and a reduced impact on grid congestion.  

The project is expected to save upwards of €4m in electricity costs, including VAT, over the coming five years.

Since the end of 2006, Dublin Port Tunnel has provided a link to the wider motorway network between Dublin Port and the M50, routing heavy goods transport quickly, quietly and safely away from city and residential areas.

The project is a part of the Irish government’s energy efficiency plans and was partially funded through the European Green Deal.

Installers made use of the existing high-quality housings, which were all retested, and CE marked to current standards. By reusing the existing fittings, the project was achieved with minimal material waste, contributing to a more circular economy.

“With public lighting accounting for 24 per cent of Dublin Council’s energy expenditure, energy efficiency projects like this one can make an enormous positive impact,” said Dermot Deely, managing director of Signify Ireland.

“Through a relatively simple upgrade, we’ve been able to improve light quality, cost, maintenance and sustainability for Dublin Port Tunnel.

“We are particularly proud to have supported these environmental goals while giving a second life to many of the materials that were already in place.”

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