Poisoned pooch Freddie to make a full recovery

by Gazette Reporter
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WONDER dog Freddie has made a full recovery after mindless thugs tried to feed him a sausage laced with rat poison.
Owner Lydia O’Byrne told the Gazette the poisoned pooch is “back to normal” and enjoying “lots of cuddles” after his ordeal.
She revealed how she had to rush her beloved terrier to the vet after he ate a piece of contaminated chorizo thrown over the back wall of her Dundrum home.
“It happened between 6 and 7pm on Saturday evening,” said Lydia, who works at St Vincent’s Hospital. “I went out to call Freddie and just happened to notice he was eating something.
“A piece of the sausage had landed on the patio table so I picked it up to have a good look at it. Only for that, I wouldn’t have known what he was at.”
Staff at the emergency department of UCD’s veterinary hospital confirmed the dog had eaten rat poison – and said he had ingested enough to kill him if he hadn’t been treated straight away.
A horrified Lydia picked up four large chunks of chorizo sausage in the back garden of her terraced home – all of which had been hollowed out and stuffed with rat poison.
She said: “We were so lucky that we twigged it after he ate just one piece. Someone tried to kill our dog and we just can’t work out why.
“It has left us stumped. Freddie is a friendly little fella and he doesn’t cause any issues. He’s not out the back being a nuisance or barking all the time. I’ve heard of burglars poisoning dogs before they break in but I don’t think that was it.”
Lydia reported the incident and gardai in Dundrum are investigating. She is now warning pet owners in the area to be more vigilant and scan their gardens.
And animal lover Lydia, who has a blog called dogsofdublin.com, is also calling for witnesses who have any information to come forward.
“We’re cleaning up the garden and cutting the grass, making sure there’s nothing there,” she said. “Thankfully Freddie is back to his usual cheerful self. He’s back eating normally and we have him out for walks again.
“If anything he’s getting annoyed with me because I’m too nervous to let him out the back on his own.”

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