Plans in place for Community First Responder group for Dundrum

by Gazette Reporter
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Fine Gael Local Area Representative for Dundrum, Anna Grainger, has committed to establish a Community First Responder (CFR) group locally.

Over 70% of all cardiac arrest in Ireland happen in the home and Anna is looking for volunteers to come on board and learn how to help save lives, possibly even that of a family member, relative or friend.

Pictured at Nutgrove Fire Station are Derek Riordan, firefighter and advanced paramedic; Anna Grainger and Derek Fox, station officer and advanced paramedic at D Watch, Nutgrove Fire Station

Anna, a qualified First Responder herself, and former life-guard, has had cause to utilise her life-saving skills over the years. She said: “I’m delighted to be working with a number of stakeholders to ensure delivery of a CFR group to provide these essential life-saving skills for the inhabitants of Dundrum and its environs.

“I’m calling on the residents of Dundrum and its surrounding areas, in particular residents associations, local clubs, organisations, churches and business to avail of this training opportunity, freely provided, and learn how to potentially save a life in our community.

“With the combined support from the Dublin Fire Brigade, Community First Responders Ireland and the Irish Heart Foundation, all of whom work in collaboration with our National Ambulance Service, our new @CFR_Dundrum group has four of the five essential players for its success. Your participation is the 5th vital link to ensuring its success.”

Anna continued: “We never know what we may be faced with on a daily basis, by volunteering as a Community First Responder, you could be the difference in saving someone’s life in a moment of crisis, when time is the difference between life and death. Have a heart, play your part!”

Derek Fox, station officer and advanced paramedic at D Watch, Nutgrove Fire Station was fully behind Anna in her efforts to establish a CFR group in Dundrum.

He told Dublin Gazette: “CPR itself is one of the most important things you can do for a person, if they suffer a cardiac arrest. For every minute that the person is on the ground, their chances of survival are reduced by 10%.

“Dublin Fire Brigade have a policy where they would like every child in schools to be familiar with CPR. We would like more CPR programmes out in the community.

“In conjunction with our colleagues in the National Ambulance Service, we’re looking to get on board with our local community here in Nutgrove and Dundrum to set up a local First Responder community group.

“Dublin Fire Brigade will sponsor the training and all the equipment needed for us to do the training and we need to get the first group of people trained as soon as possible. We’re looking for people in this area to come on board.

“We’re 100% behind Anna in her efforts to set up. I first met Anna when we went to a man who had a cardiac arrest.

“She was out walking, when she came upon the stricken man. She had the courage to get involved and do some CPR and her intervention was crucial in resuscitating this man.

“I cannot over stress the importance of volunteers to get involved, as it could well be someone close to you that will need help.”

To become a volunteer, please call 087-2825511, email [email protected] or Tweet @GraingerAnna.

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