People warned after cyclists robbed on popular Dublin-Wicklow route

by Gary Ibbotson
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Cyclists in South Dublin are being warned to stay cautious after a string of bicycles were stolen from people on a popular Dublin to Wicklow cycling route.

Dublin cycling groups have posted online about numerous cyclists reportedly being targeted by men in a van in the south county Dublin and Kippure areas.

It is believed the men are targeting solo cyclists and those who have an expensive looking bike.

Back in June, Dublin Cycling, a campaign group for better safety for cyclists, tweeted: “We’ve had a report of bike thieves in a van targeting solo cyclists in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains.

“Local [Garda] have been made aware but please be alert if cycling in the area.”

Thefts appear to be continuing with one man posting that we was a target of a gang as he was cycling towards Sally Gap over the weekend.

“Two guys in a car drove me off the road into a ditch and nicked my bike. Luckily my phone was in my back pocket not my stem bag. Reported to the Garda and getting a lift home,” he said.

The bike stolen was a Trek 1.7 2009 Road Bike with a retail value of roughly €1,000.

Kieran Ryan, Dublin Cycling Group spokesperson told Irish Independent that “there seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging.

“Ripping someone off a bike and into a ditch, with the bike being pulled off them, is a terrifying experience.

“They seem to be targeting people on high-end road bikes and then stealing their phones, maybe so they can’t contact gardai.

“But it’s pretty sinister if someone was injured after being ran off the road and couldn’t call for help if their bike was stolen. It’s pretty scary to think what could happen.

“It’s frightening, really. We would be telling people to be aware of their own safety, watch out for suspicious behaviour and report it to gardai.”

In a statement, the Gardai said: “Gardaí are investigating a report of the theft of pedal bike at Sallygap, Enniskerry. The incident occurred on the 24 August at 7pm.

“A passing vehicle struck the cyclist causing him to fall into a ditch. Two males in the vehicle proceeded to steal the bike and fled in the direction of Tallaght. Minor injuries to the male were reported.”

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