Workers in Dublin need an immediate and significant pay rise 

by Gazette Reporter
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With soaring inflation rates and stagnating wages unable to pay for every-day essentials, Labour Cllr Declan Meenagh has said both private and public sector workers in Dublin need an immediate and significant pay rise to combat the cost of living crisis. 

Cllr Meenagh said: “We continue to read reports on soaring inflation rates but there is deafening silence emerging from the government on how they will create the conditions to give every-day people some much needed relief to pay for every-day essentials. We all know wages are struggling to keep up with inflation with real incomes falling for the first time since 2013. Despite pay rises negotiated by unions over the last year, inflation is running at such a pace, which stood at 6.7% for March, that living standards are falling fast and people in Dublin need a break. 

“The fact is that we are living in a low wage republic and that is simply not good enough. One in five workers in Ireland are low paid and Ireland needs a pay rise. We know increases in take home pay can do the heavy lifting to protect people from spiralling inflation – especially for those who are experiencing the sharp end of rising energy, fuel, and food prices. 

“Coming out of the pandemic, people are demanding a better deal and the government has the power to take a lead. They can start by moving to introduce a living income for all of their own staff and those providing support services in the public sector. They can then double the €500 limit that employers can give workers in tax-free vouchers. The Low Pay Commission should also pay real attention to Labour’s demand for an increase to the minimum wage without any further delay. People in Dublin can’t wait any longer for this much needed change.”

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