Perspective-bending artist Patrick Hughes in first major Dublin show

by Gazette Reporter
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Celebrated British artist Patrick Hughes, whose perspective-bending art has earned him an honorary science doctorate in the field of neurology, is set to unveil his first major exhibition in Ireland.

Reverspective by Patrick Hughes will run in Gormleys, Dublin from May 11 – June 4, and is set to feature works valued up to €150,000. 

Hughes’ Reverspective paintings are an optical illusion on a three-dimensional surface, where the parts of the picture which seem farthest away are actually, physically, the nearest.

The effect of his work is akin to looking down a corridor as the painting moves and shifts relative to the observer.

Born in 1939 in Birmingham and now based in London, his work is included in the permanent collections of the TATE Modern in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

Hughes has recently been given an honorary University College London science doctorate in the field of neurology as a response to his innovative work in perspective. 

“My work is a collaboration between artist and spectator,” said Hughes.

“I create the images, but it is the observer viewing the piece and experiencing the illusion that finalises the work.”

Hughes discovered the optical illusion that underpins this series by accident while experimenting with form.

“When I made the Sticking-out Room in 1964 in reverse perspective, I made it on a table, and thought it would merely obtrude, but when I put it on the wall I saw it, like everyone else, as receding,” he said.

“Knowing what I know now, I should have known it would. But I did not.”

This is made more impressive by the fact that Reverspective pieces require particular lighting setups to achieve their perspective-altering effect. 

Patrick Hughes, Bertie and Buddha, oil on board construction, priced at €116,000, will feature at Patrick Hughes’ first major Irish exhibition, Reverspective, which runs in Gormleys at 27 Frederick Street, Dublin 2 from May 11 – June 4. See for more information.

Hughes often represents other artists in his work, and a piece entitled Bertie and Buddha, which pictures a gallery featuring reproductions of Banksy’s Flying Copper, Roy Lichtenstein’s Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior, as well as other pop icons and even a tiny representation of the painting itself, will feature at the exhibition.  

Patrick Hughes – Reverspective runs in Gormleys at 27 Frederick Street, Dublin 2 from May 11 – June 4. See for more information.

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