Pat Kenny to donate to Bullock Harbour preservation campaign

by Gary Ibbotson
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Newstalk DJ and former The Late Late Show host, Pat Kenny has said he will donate funds to help Dalkey residents fight against the development of Bullock Harbour.

The Bullock Harbour Preservation Association has recently announced that it is fundraising to launch a High Court judicial review of An Bord Pleanala’s (ABP) decision to grant planning permission to construct private villas on the pier.

Kenny, a Dalkey resident, said he will make a “good donation” to the campaign and “everyone is being asked to chip in to get the process going,” he said.

Kenny said that many local citizens are troubled by ABP’s ruling and the development “has to be stopped”.

“I am no legal expert, but it was a wrong-headed decision made to grant planning permission,” he said.

“If a judge is shown a video of Bullock Harbour during Storm Emma, I would hope the judge would say, ‘Were ye crazy or what?’ and tear up the planning decision.

“Everyone should Google those videos and see for themselves.”

However, filing for a judicial review of an ABP decision can be a costly affair and Kenny says it’s unfair on residents wanting to challenge a decision.

He said that board members making the ABP decisions were “unelected people who have more power than elected people. It is extraordinary”.

Kenny said he was motivated into donating to the legal fund over health and safety concerns, along with the preservation of the harbour.

Bartra was also given the go-ahead by ABP last week to develop apartments near the Kenny home – a development that the broadcaster and his wife, Kathy strongly opposed.

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