Parking prices could increase by 100% at Dart stations in DLR

by Gary Ibbotson
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Residents of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown have until January 31 to submit an observation on the county council’s motion to increase parking at Dart stations by 100%.

The motion also includes the increase in price of on-street car parking by 33% and a slight increase the price of residents permits.

The motion has been brought forward by local representatives from Labour, Green Party, and Fianna Fail and was originally discussed at the Dundrum Area Committee on December 2.

Labour councillor Denis O’Callaghan said at the time that, “a review of all parking charges in the county is due to commence shortly.

“This will involve the draft review of parking bye-laws going out to public consultation in the first instance, with a report coming back to the elected members.

“All elected councillors are obliged to consider the report of the CEO when presented to council following public consultation before finally making their decision.

“For any councillor to do otherwise, in my opinion, is in their duty to the citizens who elected them,” he said.

Fine Gael and People Before Profit councillors have announced they will be voting against the increase, when the motion appears before the council.

Councillor for Stillorgan, John Kennedy (FG) says: “In this era of promoting more sustainable transport, we should be making it more cost-effective for commuters to use public transport where the closest stations may be beyond a practical walking distance from their homes, rather than adding an extra costs impediment.

“This increase serves to incentivize longer driving distances, leading to the likelihood of extra traffic jams in the years ahead with a net impact on air quality.”

Councillor Maeve O’Connell also says she “will be voting against increases in the upcoming meeting.

“Increase parking charges does not reduce car journeys. It increases them – as people drive to areas of free parking, by-passing the areas where parking is charged.

“Ironically increasing emissions as a result, and negatively impacting air quality.

“It is not a green initiative and damages the credibility of climate change polices, which has made it increasingly difficult to secure support for the essential changes to our lifestyles.

“DLRCoCo are a leading local authority in climate change action,” she says.

Under the proposed increases, parking at Dart stations will rise from three euro for a day to six euro with hourly street parking rising by 33% from one euro and fifty cent an hour to two euro.

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