Cost of parking in City Centre may rise by up to 70%

by Dublin Gazette
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There is expected to be a rise in the cost of street parking across Dublin City Council areas by up to 70% under new plans.

Last November, councillors agreed to a 10% rise in parking charges on high-demand areas of the city, marking the first charge increases in over a decade.

With traffic congestion and related parking increasingly an issue across the city, it is thought that the increased charges and changes to zoning could help to alleviate this.

The yellow zone, the most expensive zone, will see prices increase from €2.90 to €3.20 an hour.

Just outside of this, the red zone charges will increase from €2.40 to €2.70, while the green zone’s cost will stay at €1.60 per hour. The changes are expected to come into effect in July.

The council plan to upsurge the number of areas covered by the three most expensive parking zones, meaning under the changes, areas around hospitals may be worst affected by the price increases.

The expansion will mean those currently paying €1.60 per hour in some areas may now end up paying €2.70 per hour to park.

The yellow zone will be extended on the north side only, meaning those parking in Phibsborough near the Mater will end up paying €3.20 per hour. The red zone is also expected to increase its northside reach, as well as being extended in the docklands.

Currently, the red zone stops just before the new Central Bank, but would now continue as far as the 3Arena. The 70% hike would also be extended to southside suburbs, with Rathmines and Ranelagh being changed from the €1.60 green zone to the €2.70 red zone.

Areas where parking used to cost just €1 an hour are also having their zone changed. The likes of Kilmainham and the area surrounding St James’s Hospital and the Coombe will now face a €1.60 per hour charge.

Public consultation on the charges is expected to begin next month, the council say.

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