Castleknock park plan ‘not pitch perfect’, clubs warn

by Sylvia Pownall
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Three sports clubs have lodged a joint submission to FCC warning that plans for Porterstown Park are unworkable without additional fencing.

Plans for the facility, now at public consultation stage, include a six-lane all-weather running track, a multi-purpose sports pitch, floodlights and car parking with a 1.5m perimeter fence.

But Castleknock Celtic FC, Metro St Brigid’s Athletics Club and Castleknock Cricket Club are all calling for a 2.5m internal fence, without which, they say, the project is doomed.

Their submission notes: “The proposals on display at present crucially make no provision for a fence around the all-weather pitch and this deficiency should be addressed in a revision to the plans.

“The facilities will in the main be UNWORKABLE and their use sub-optimal without an inner fence of 2.5 metres high, space for which exists between all-weather pitch and track.”

The clubs argue that this fence would ensure that both the running track and the pitch are used by clubs “to the greatest extent possible” and “not be mutually exclusive as envisaged by Fingal County Council in the design on display”.

They also warn that the viability of the facilities could be “critically undermined without the fence” which would protect runners from stray footballs.

There have already been a number of submissions lodged on the Porterstown Park masterplan and the public consultation period ends next Thursday, March 21.

A recurring request is to make the size of the pitch, which under current design layout has a playing surface of 100m x 64m, larger to cater for GAA matches.

Castleknock Celtic, Metro St Brigid’s and Castleknock CC are all resident in the park along with the local GAA club and welcome the investment “with caveats”.

Tony Jordan, secretary of Castleknock Celtic, said: “Given that it is envisaged that it [the pitch] will be used by many schools, organisations and local clubs, it would be essential that we avoid restricting its use as would happen without the fence.”

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