Workers’ Party rejects  apartment development

by Rachel Cunningham
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David Gardiner, a Workers’ Party representative for Palmerstown-Fonthill, has criticised developers behind the Vincent Byrne site plan, claiming that the planned apartments will be too high and unaffordable, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Mr Gardiner said: “The proposal will see almost another 10 per cent of units on top of what was initially approved, bringing the total up from 250 to 274 units, with inadequate facilities, amenities and infrastructure to support it.

“The developers also propose another 20 per cent increase in parking spaces without any attention being paid to the existing traffic problem in Palmerstown, which is particularly bad at the Kennelsfort Road and R148 junction where the site is located.

David Gardiner (Workers Party)

“It’s worth noting as well that these apartments are built-to-rent. As the prices will be in line with the Dublin rental market, most working people will struggle to afford to live here. Our own children are going to be priced out of their community.”

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